Shades of Silence

Elisabeth Carlucci
1 min readJan 13, 2020


Silence is what we are.

The sun rises silently.

Dispelling darkness from the sky she spreads her loving light upon the planet. Nourishing, always giving and destroying peacefully.

Silently earth carries out her universal duty rotating gently around her axis. Ever moving. Ever so silent.

The moon glides silently through her phases, gracefully illuminating the world´s darkest hours.

Silence shares its endless shades, ever expressive, never empty. Heavy, thick and burdensome or gentle, soft and airy. Healing, relieving and vast, tight, sharp or threatening sound the tones of silence.

In silence, we can avoid each other or we can authentically meet.

Silence speaks all the languages and begins where words end.

Silence teaches us to listen.

With its uplifting wings, it carries us high into the sky and like a funnel, it sucks us deep inside to the core of our being.

Silence awes us, reminds us of truth. Everything arises out of silence for then to collapse back into it.

Silence – never-changing eternity

In silence we are.

We are silence.



Elisabeth Carlucci

“Life is about experiencing the silent joy of being moment by moment with what is.” - Spirituality, Psychology, Philosophy